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Chris Simmonds

Chris Simmonds aka Kidsmart, House Proud People, Smooth & Simmonds, Retro Emotion, Private Funk, Urban Influence, Bakers Dozen.

Chris Simmonds London born DJ / Producer comes from a musical background going back as far as 1978. His brother and uncle were major players in the British Funk Scene (Hi – Tension). At the age of 11 Chris was taken by the band to studios and rehearsals live gigs etc.., and was given a full insight into the Music Industry as it was happening, and this was where it all began. Chris would work after school and saved money to hire studios to record compositions with friends while learning to play the trumpet and drums he formed a group called TLC with Antonio Raggafunk (producer for Don-e) and Rowan Wilson (producer for 90s pop band Eternal). The band eventually split to pursue other ventures. Chris continued learning drums and dropped the trumpet but was confident enough to write songs and pitch them to his brother’s band, frequent studio sessions and live shows to learn the business from the inside.
At 21 Chris would be found at the decks of Time Radio spinning Soul, Jazz Funk and Rare Grooves doing the graveyard shift 3-6am. That slowly faded away, and stations like Medina and Girls FM came about where Chris and Jack Smooth met with a very big common interest making house tracks. Six months later they had both left work and were driving around the country selling their own productions (Wax Factory), out of the boot of the car. This was one of the first UK independent dance labels back in 1990 which gave them the opportunity to engineer for the likes of Carl Cox, Colin Dale, Rocky (xpress 2), Rugged Vinyl and a lot of the dj/producers of the 90s, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough money to survive so they started their own individual labels to make ends meet and Baby Blue Records was formed.
Baby Blue Records was rested after 11 releases as Chris felt he was not being honest with himself as regards to what was being produced for the label, and decided to have a look around the rest of the world at what was going on. This was the best move Chris had made, playing in clubs, meeting some of the top names in the scene and hearing fresh music changed his view totally as to what he wanted to do. Chris arrived back to London totally fired up after having a track that he could not give away in the UK being picked up by Definitive Records in Canada. On the strength of the Chris Simmonds Project with Detroit’s’ Mike Huckaby he formed Cross Section Records with his partner Lorraine Kempster, who sadly past away in 2007. So the story continues with the production talents of Mr. Magoo & Dave Ruhi (The Diggers and 2/3rds of Private Funk), Tim Deluxe(1/2 Double 99-RIP Groove) Alex Marsh (Indica, Partners in Time), DJ Assassin and Mike Huckaby(Detroit 1/2 – Chris Simmonds Project) who are all good long term friends and contributors to the label.

Chris has been djing from the age of 15 and with the Cross Section label behind him, has taken Chris to global recognition as a dj while working continuously to keep the quality control and developing new talent for Cross Section Records and his publishing company Consentrated Music. He can also be found in a few major recording studios around europe engineering co-writing or producing for other main stream artists, but now Chris has finally completed his own album project Adventures in Mechanical Funk. The album covers all influences of Chris’s career to date, along with recording colleagues, past present and future to contribute. Contributors to the album include jazz keyboard legend and Grammy nominee Jeff Lorber, Patrice Rushen, Paul Frazer Clarke (Retro Emotion), Jack Smooth, Shena McSween (vocalist on Michael Greys’ Weekend) and the vocal talent, vj and producer Brian Royer (Bakers Dozen) plus long term stable mate Magoo (Private Funk) which will be released February 2010 to commemorate 20 years in the industry.

Current releases from Chris include Adventures In Mechanical Funk Sampler, Private Funk Robot Disco ep, Active X-traX 7 ep, Blue Belly Bandit (DJ Sneak) & Kidsmart ep & Bakers Dozen presents The Crazy Brazilian plus a new Cross Section mix compilation early next year


WAX FACTORY PRODUCTIONS. (Production partnership with Jack Smooth)

WF. 001: Platinoid/Silacybe by Smooth & Simmonds.
WF. 002: The Four Seasons by Smooth & Simmonds.
WF. 003: Jus’ Move/Wax Works by Danse City.
WF. 004: Bubbles by Rhythm X.
WF. 005: Pucker Tunes Vol.1.ep by Smooth & Simmonds.
WF. 006: Dilated Rhythms by Panic.
WF. 007: Sub-Hurts/Sweet Thoughts by Authentic One.
WF. 008: The Master/Overdrive Max by Tech-Aluco.
WF. 009. Futuristic Shocker ep. Tech-Aluco.
WF. 010. Nocturnal Grooves ep. Insomnia.
WF. 011. Hooked/Tek 2 by Smooth & Simmonds.
WF. 012. C.S.R./ Ruff & Ready by Smooth & Simmonds.
WF. 013. Loves Gonna Get You /Perpetual/Groove Solutions pt1/2. by Smooth & Simmonds
WF. 014. Panic ’95’ / Blue Tac / Factory Shift* / Solid Groove. by Jack Smooth & Aubrey (*remixed & produced by Smooth & Simmonds.)
WF. 015. The Four Seasons ’95’ Smooth & Simmonds. (licensed to BOMBA Records)
WF. 016. Vertigo / Climax. by Smooth & Simmonds. (Licensed to BOMBA Records.)


BLU. 001: Midnight Music ep. by Chris Simmonds.
BLU. 002: Diamond Dimension ep. by D.J. Caroline.
BLU. 003: Desire by Partners in Time.
BLU. 004: Active X-trax Vol.1.ep. by Chris Simmonds.
BLU. 005: Extasy / kaotic People by Tiyo & Co.
BLU. 006: Sonic Effect ep. by The Sonic Syndicate.
BLU. 007: Work it ! by Chris Simmonds. ( licensed to DEFINITIVE Records.)
BLU. 008: Tonight / Arabian Dreams by Partners in Time .
BLU. 009: 3rd Planet Exodus / Reaction by Insideoutlaws.
BLU. 010: Give you Love / I need you by Chris Simmonds.
BLU. 011: Candyman by Jamma


C.S. 101: Active X-trax. Vol. 2. by Chris Simmonds.
C.S. 102: House Proud People “Dibi-Dub” ep by Martin Burrell & Friends.
C.S. 105: Active X-trax Vol.3. by Chris Simmonds.
C.S. 107: Looking for an Answer by Partners in Time -Alex Marsh & Julie Payne.
C.S. 108: House Proud People – Dubble Top ep. by Chris Simmonds & Lorraine Kempster
C.S. 109: The Third Hustle by Alex Faith & Chris Simmonds.
C.S. 112: Active X-traX. Vol 4. by Chris Simmonds.
C.S. 113: Private Funk Sessions Vol.1. limited edition by The Diggers & Chris Simmonds
C.S. 114: House Proud People. Lonely Disco Dancer ep by Chris Simmonds
C.S. 117: B-Rich experiments in…….by B-Rich & Chris Simmonds
C.S. 118: Urban Influence by Chris Simmonds
C.S. 120: Retro Emotion “Madisons’ Playground”
C.S. 121: Private Funk 2 by Gary Borg, Dave Ruhi & Chris Simmonds
C.S. 122: Smooth & Simmonds “Pure / Gameplan”
C.S. 123: Active X-traX Vol. 5. by Chris Simmonds
C.S. 125: House Proud People – Conflicts of Interest ep
C.S. 128: Urban Influence 2
C.S. 131: Active X-traX Vol.6 by Chris Simmonds
C.S. 138: Chris Simmonds – Rush n Soul / Runaway
C.S. 139: Magoo & Simmonds – Head 2 Head ep
C.S. 142: Chris Simmonds – Communicate ep
C.S. 144: Chris Simmonds & Brian Royer (Bakers Dozen) Mindgames ep
C.S. 146: Chris Simmonds feat. Diamond – The Way U Want 2 B / No More Talking
cscd 101: Chris Simmonds presents The Cross Section Collective mix cd

Black No Sugar

CWL.001: RINGOLEVIO – We’re Livin’ with Mr Magoo & Dave Ruhi
CWL.002: 151 – I Like It with Mr Magoo & Dave Ruhi
CWL.009: Bitter Sweet and Twisted Vol. 1
CHRIS SIMMONDS Production & remix credits
Artist Productions
Chris Simmonds Old’s Cool ep (Houseguest Music US)
Chris Simmonds – Newoldshit (Robsoul ltd)
Bakers Dozen – Message from a friend / Rita’s Kitchen (shaboom Records)
Chris Simmonds – Jazz 2BU – (Court Square u.s.)
Chris simmonds feat. Brian Royer In my Soul. (big chief recordings u.s.)
Chris Simmonds “Still Workin ep” (Bosh Records)
The Chris Simmonds Project feat. Mike Huckaby (Definitive records u.s.)
Controlled Emotions ep by Chris Simmonds (Viva Recordings U.S.)
The Sunchaser ep. by Chris Simmonds. (Midnight Groove Records Germany)
The Breakfast Club ep by The Cross Section Collective. (Midnight Groove Records)
Deluxe & Simmonds feat. Rose Windross. Peace of Mind (Sound of the Ministry)

Compilation Mix Albums

The Funk Room – Millennium Records
Latin House Vols. 3 to 8 Millennium Records


Mark Henning – The Right Time (Hypercolour)
Smokin Groove – Boxcutta Style (Smokin Groove)
J.viewz – Smooth Criminal
Freaks – Can we Freak it (Music For Freaks)
Jeff Lorber “Keep On/What it is” from his album “Kickin it”
Antony Hateley “Think Positive/Do Nothing as “Kid Smart” (Black no Sugar)
Double 99 “Freekazoid” (BMG)
The Affair “The Way We are” ( Fourth & Broadway )
“Get Down” Common Factor – (Planet E US)
“Ghetto Style” (Defiant Records US)
Naked Music NYC “If I Fall” (OM Records)
Stand Alone “Be Right There” (Magnetic US)
Phillip Ramirez “Keep the Faith” (Crash Records)
Floor Movers “C-Lime Woman” (Stickman Records)
J.D. Discography “Give you love” ( Far Out Records )
HI-Fi Power “Chill out” (Soundman Records) drum & bass
House of Funk “The Funk Track” (Soundman Records)
Pyjama Party “Kinky People” (Avanti Disk) +
Project 3 feat. Vaughn. “Show me Love” (Avanti Disk)
San Jose “Wild Country” (Real Good Records)
S.M.F “How many ways ” (Rugged Vinyl ) drum & bass
Intense “Genesis project” (Rugged Vinyl) drum & bass
Richard Anthony Davis “Back to Love” (Top Tempo) *
The Diggers “Last Nights’ Party” (Cross Section)
Dean Edwards “I Want You Back” (Top Tempo ) *
Innercolours “Grateful” (Unreleased) *
Vincent Alvis “Soulmate” (Soundman Records) *
DJ Assassin “Old School Flavour” (Attitude Records) – remix with DJ Assassin
DJ Assassin “face in the crowd” (Cross Section)
Tim Deluxe “I Know” (Cross Section)
Taxi “Somebody Loves You” (Metrix UK)

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