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M.in alias Markus Ferdinand

The interpretation of 29 year old dj and producer M.in of modern House / TechHouse has a massive effect on the dancefloor. Either as an entertainer behind the decks, e.g. at the “Kehakuma-Party” @ Space / Ibiza, or as a producer and remixer – it`s very hard to resist M.in`s feeling for rocking club music:
„yes yes, super funkyness! would love to play this” is Laurent Garnier`s comment on the newest single of M.in on the label Robsoul. But also his remixing skills are obvious establishing three high quality interpretations among the top 20 German Club Charts (peak: position no.3). One remix of Kesho`s “Meru” (kmmltd 001), one on Thomas Schumacher`s Get Physical release “The Ooh” – in close collaboration with saxophonist Harold Todd, member of the Lenny Kravitz band – and finally Rampa`s “Wife & Man” (Keinemusik 003) was reconstructed together with Patrick Kunkel.
Markus Ferdinand alias M.in is an artist developing his individual music taste by being open-minded towards other genres. His interpretation of loop-oriented House / TechHouse is spiced up with Jazz, Soul and Afrobeat elements in order to present a varying and sophisticated mix to the audience. His passion for electronic music came up at the age of eleven! As soon as his older brother left the house, M.in started to use his turntables to put on some Hardcore records. After experiencing other genres like BreakBeat & Jungle he finally has found his second home at the House / TechHouse scene being motivated by the likes of DJ Tonka and Ian Pooley.
Faithful to the saying „never forget where you come from“ M.in is an artist performing almost exclusively vinyl throughout his dj gigs. But when the time is right he doesn`t hesitate to also use CD with current and unreleased tracks within his preferred three-deck-performance spinning the massive groove and the floating percussions to another level.
M.in is also very active in the field of producing enjoying both working alone and being engaged in collaborations:
The project M.in & Bastian Schuster is focusing on the perfect harmony of Jazz, House and Sexiness. The two guys are also responsible for the masterpiece „New Orleans EP“ (peak: position no.9, German Club Charts) which had a stunning effect on the dance scene.
In contrast to the first project, M.in & Patrick Kunkel adding a higher influence of techno and tribal beats to their sound design. Instruments and vocals are recorded live, the experimental use of coconuts and empty bottles combined with special guests from other genres (e.g. Saxophonist Harold Todd from the Lenny Kravitz band) is part of the philosophy.
M.in`s quality work as a producer is rewarded with appearances on labels such as Souvenir (label from Tiefschwarz), International Freakshow, Off Rec., Robsoul (label from Phil Weeks) and Micro.fon. His own label “Komm mit Musik” releases only limited vinyl copies and his second one called “Weplayminimal” distributes just MP3 tracks. As a result of being a passionate musician it is no wonder that his productions can be heard wordwidely and are hammered by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Loco Dice etc. at the most essential events of the electronic music scene.
M.in`s philosophy: “obsession for smiling faces” 🙂 !

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