Oscar Miranda

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Oscar Miranda – Born and raised in the San Francisco, Bay Area!
Growing up, his passion for music was always a big part of his life, with roots in Latin, Hip Hop, Disco, Soul and “Oldies” as they’re often referred to in the States.
In 2000, he met Hector Moralez shopping for records at the infamous, Primal Records. In no time at all, the two formed a great friendship and realized they shared the same love for House Music. Oscar spent countless hours listening and learning all about House Music from Hector, and soon found himself working at Primal from 2002-2004. This was the perfect exposure Oscar needed to fine tune his own musical style and Djing skills.

His first Gig landed him at the well known, and now closed, “The Top” in San Francisco – where any DJ in the Bay, would love to have started out!

Some of his inspirations include – Hector Moralez, Tony Hewitt, Doc Martin, Diz, Phil Weeks, Sneak, & Derrick Carter!

After playing locally, his confidence and talent grew, and he embarked on his first trip abroad with Hector Moralez in 2003, playing in Madrid, Spain.
Back in the States, Oscar secured residencies in San Francisco from 2003 to his present residency at “The Jump Off” in SF playing along side DJ’s like, Sneak, Phil Weeks, Diz, and DJ Rasoul, to name a few.

Wanting to take his music to the next level, in 2008, Oscar decided to start creating his own sound. His first release, remixing Kink’s “The Big Payback” on Minority Music, caught the interest of the House Music world. Following this successful release, he followed up with original works for the highly respected Robsoul Recordings.
2009 also saw Oscar releasing his first full EP for “The Factory”.

Some of Oscar’s goals for the future are to produce, play and listen to music for years to come. Dedicating himself to making a sound that evolves into timeless music that never becomes stale. A sound that is created by inspirations of all kinds of different music, both new and old.

With future releases lined up – the future is looking bright for Oscar…

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