Robsoul CD 10 – Best Of Chris Carrier

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Tracks :coverdigital best of robsoul_CHRISCARRIER

01. Cabaret Des Belles Lettres
02. Get Down
03. Living Here
04. Harlem Square Club
05. East Love
06. You Can’t Hide
07. Higher Education
08. Untitled A
09. Suburbia
10. Saudade

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Parisian house label Robsoul Recordings will release a six-part Best of Robsoul compilation series starting in August.
Feat. Chris Carrier, DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, Joss Moog, DJ W!LD, Fries & Bridges.
Each artist gets his own “mini-album” of past Robsoul productions. These will be released over six consecutive weeks, from August 10th through September 14th.

Release Date: August 10th 2012
catalog number: robsoulcd10

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