Robsoul 168 – Natural Rhythm – Tribute


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Something Big

A2: Chicago Nights

B1: Smoldering Island

B2: Energized





The grooves of Thomas White and Pete Williams aka Natural Rhythm, have been a mainstay in the sets of Robsoul boss Phil Weeks for more than a decade. Today he pays ‘Tribute’ with a special re-release of some of his favourites.
Born in a garage in the late 90’s, Natural Rhythm was a meeting of passionate musical minds. Working together the pair sought to create their own style and sound, influenced by the tracks they were regularly spinning in their own DJ sets across the country. Creative sampling and their own raw beats, together with live instrumentation and regular guest vocalists, saw Natural Rhythm create a strong catalogue that, as we know, are still getting played today.
With three Albums and over 35 EP/Single releases to their name, there more than enough music for label boss Weeks to select from for the Tribute EP. A tough job? Of course. However, Phil went straight for the four that never leave his box.
Leading the EP are the sun-drenched vocal vibes of ‘Something Big’, the title track of Natural Rhythm’s 1999 release on Under The Counter. Our A2 is the lead track from 2001’s Last Call At The Martini Ranch EP, ‘Chicago Nights’, with its quaking bassline and disco dalliance.
On the flip we’re treated to a choice selection from Natural Rhythm’s 1999 double album Contrast In Nature. First up with its celestial chimes and thumping kick is ‘Smoldering Island’, taken from the original Part 1. Closing the Tribute release and taken from Part 2 is the devilishly funky and suitably titled feelgood jam ‘Energized’. We definitely are!

Release Date: October 2016

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