RBD18 – Suburb Beat – Encore Une Fois


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Easier To Love

Never Hit Bro

Encore Une Fois

Right Now





Please welcome the fresh sounds and skills of Suburb Beat. Coming on strong from the depths of Bordeaux with a classic, jazzy, loose-groove soulful sound, so far he’s released a small selection of sounds on the burgeoning Parisian label Ondulé. Leveling up on Phil Weeks’ consistent Robsoul Digital with a full EP, it’s time for the encore…
‘Easier To Love’ sets the tone and fits the sunny season exquisitely. A gentle rising/falling piano drifts over a kick-switching groove creating a hazy restrained feel that’s full of amour. Deeper into the EP we feel the more direct punches of ‘Never Hit Bro’ where, perhaps ironically, it’s the kicks that have the warmest touch as they drive the timeless filtered guitar licks into the horizon.
There’s more… ‘Encore Une Fois’ brings the party to its knees with a hook that surges with a cool sense of Roulé sophistication while ‘Right Now’ seals the deal with a little b-boy magic. Broken kicks, trippy echoes and a stripped back groove and late entering keys mean only one thing: une merde plein de funk!
Watch out for more from Suburb Beat very soon.

Release Date: August 2017




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