Robsoul 192 – Javi Bora, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax – Fly Flow EP


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Jump

A2: Fly Flow

B1: Chinatown

B2: The Beat Heat





Sometimes you’ve just got to let things flow. The selection. The groove. The vibe.
Take the work of Moodyhouse co-founders and long-time Robsoul affiliates Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax. Two of the most consistent producers operating in thoroughbred house music right now; they know the flow so intimately, they’ve dedicated an EP to it.
First up, is piano-jacking gem ‘Jump’. Sprightly, sunny and airy and driven by a classic aquarian vocal sample, it sets the first-choice, feel-flowing tone for the entire EP. Elsewhere ‘Fly Flow’ chugs with heads-down filtered flare and just a mild sprinkling of acid, ‘Chinatown’ takes us even deeper into the night with a loopy, twisted technoid hybrid funk while ‘The Beat Heat’ brings home the bacon with a loose string bassline that slaps and pops beneath a bed of trippy layered vocal loops.
Four prime cuts, each tailored for full flow purposes, the deeper the mix the better. No man in the world can let go of this!

Release Date: Mai 2018

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