Robsoul 195 – Planktom – Second Avenue


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Second Avenue

A2: Jazzy Jacker

B1: Jackin Anthem

B2: One 4 Da Homies





Planktom serves up the latest from Phil Weeks’ Robsoul imprint. An active DJ and producer, the Polish-German maestro follows his previous work for Doin Work Records and Cruise Music with a set of soul-tickling, uplifting house tracks, dusted with techno pace and disco swing for a sumptuous hybrid of dance music aesthetics and styles.
Second Avenue wraps elements of all three previous tracks. Thudding backbone beats, warbling saxophone and trumpet samples, with disco-inflected swing and groove, retaining a classic house formula that harks back to the Warehouse days, while also retaining the stepping, pro-active and funky magic that under pins the majority of the Robsoul catalogue
Jazzy Jacker, brings a thudding kick drum and heavy drum shots to a 4-4 groove dusted with disco tinges. A live sampled bass line, plump and bulbous, plods throughout as vocal harmonies are chopped into a melodic tool. On the drop, a tasty, 1920s trumpet sample wheezes and blows with a catchy, unabashed feel good vibe.
Jackin’ Anthem veers away from the disco house vibes, with radar-esque atmosphere, tambourine percussion and a pitched up, hyper bass line, shifting the pitch, its thudding, stiff, drum pattern laced with piano keys and stabs. Let’s go!

Release Date: June 2018

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