RB195 – Planktom – Make It Last Forever


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A1: Make It Last Forever

A2: Jazzy Jacker

B1: Jackin Anthem

B2: Second Avenue





Planktom serves up the latest from Phil Weeks’ Robsoul imprint. An active DJ and producer, the Polish-German maestro follows his previous work for Doin Work Records and Cruise Music with a set of soul-tickling, uplifting house tracks, dusted with techno pace and disco swing for a sumptuous hybrid of dance music aesthetics and styles.
Title track Make It Last Forever opens with a thick, sub weighted kick drum providing a stiff backbone, while ticking groove and sumptuous swing make way for gradually blended vocal chops and rough string arrangements – the kind of snapping, stepping house tinged vibes for which Weeks’ label has become synonymous.
Next up Jazzy Jacker, brings a thudding kick drum and heavy drum shots to a 4-4 groove dusted with disco tinges. A live sampled bass line, plump and bulbous, plods throughout as vocal harmonies are chopped into a melodic tool. On the drop, a tasty, 1920s trumpet sample wheezes and blows with a catchy, unabashed feel good vibe.
Jackin’ Anthem veers away from the disco house vibes, with radar-esque atmosphere, tambourine percussion and a pitched up, hyper bass line, shifting the pitch, its thudding, stiff, drum pattern laced with piano keys and stabs.
Lastly, Second Avenue wraps elements of all three previous tracks. Thudding backbone beats, warbling saxophone and trumpet samples, with disco-inflected swing and groove, retaining a classic house formula that harks back to the Warehouse days, while also retaining the stepping, pro-active and funky magic that under pins the majority of the Robsoul catalogue. Let’s go!

Release Date: June 2018

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