PW15 – Phil Weeks – Smooth Operator EP


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Listen to the tracks :

Drama Queen

Manila Ice

Who’s The Boss

B2: You Know How We Love





He kicked off the summer season with ‘That House Groove’ and he’s bringing it to a poignant finale like a ‘Smooth Operator’; Robsoul captain Phil Weeks is back with another straight up session of class and craftmanship…
‘Drama Queen’ takes the lead. A rattling percussive party piece laced with faraway aquatic chords and an infectious vocal loop, it lives up to its name but without any tearful histrionics its namesakes are infamous for. ‘Manila Ice’ builds on the beauty with an outrageously warm filtered body of bass, a slightly slouching beat that’s pepped with additional rhythmic layers. ‘Who’s The Boss’, meanwhile, is a lesson in subtlety. A laidback jazzy charmer; with one hand it does little, with the other it does lots. A deft house nuance only a boss can muster.
Naturally we close with another boss manoeuvre as Phil brings the feels with the touching sunny side ‘You Know How We Love’. Another precision sample. Another warm, insatiable groove. Summer might be over but that doesn’t stop Weeks bringing the heat. Enjoy.

Release Date: September 2018

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