Robsoul 201 – AJ Christou – Dinos Hair Doo EP


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Dinos Hair Doo (Funk Mix)

A2: Dial 303

B1: Wally’s Dance

B2: Da Blaze





Dino’s had his hair done and damn he’s looking good! Smooth and sharp, the man with the musical scissors, AJ Christou, eases us in with a sultry break and within seconds the hair is ruffled and the bumping warm groove is tightly locked too.
And so we go… “Dial 303” rings in an acid disaster with loose kick drum urgency. Driving, alive and unpredictable; the emergency is real. Crisis averted, AJ introduces us to his mate Wally. We have no idea if Wally knows Dino but man, he can dance. Hip-swinging insistency, with a touch of tribal fortitude, if Wally hasn’t had a sharp trim recently he damn well behaves like he’s had one.
We sign out the way all the best sessions end; with ‘Da Blaze’. Head nodding hypnosis, everybody together, all locked in nice and tight. Classic Robsoul from a rising kindred spirit who’s had an exceptional year on the likes of Leftroom, Cuttin’ Headz and his own Celesta. Expect plenty more trips to the hairdresser very soon…

Release Date: November 16th 2018

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