Robsoul 207 – Demuir – The Paris EP


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A1: Barres Laughs In Marseille

A2: From Paris To Strasbourg

B1: No Slave To Your Opinion

B2: No Slave To Your Opinion (Dub)





Welcome to Paris. Not just any Paris but THE Paris. A cosmopolitan incubator of high culture, fine cuisine and stately, life affirming house grooves… And now a debut Robsoul release from longstanding Toronto house sculptor Demuir.
With a silky-yet-bumping sound and clear sense of groove finesse (not to mention a blazing back cat on the likes of Nervous, Kwench and Yoruba and his own Mikita Skyy) it’s a shocker he’s not featured on Phil Weeks’ label before but he’s making up for lost time with these three salutes to its native stomping ground.
‘Barres Laughs In Marseille’ sets the scene with layered filtered ripples, tripped-out laughing samples and warm momentum, ‘From Paris To Strasbourg’ adds a little disco lilt and an even fatter-bootied kick/sub jack combo while ‘No Slave To Your Opinion’ closes with some words of pure wisdom from Maino. A succinct and sharp take on the toxic culture of entitlement we’re smothered in right now, we’d tell you it’s on point and a message that needs to be shared… But that would be forcing our opinion on you. Straight up, sexy and provocative; there ain’t nothing demure about this Demuir release.

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Release Date: March 8th 2019

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