Robsoul 213 – Demuir – Disco Ain’t Jack


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A1: Disco in 130

A2: Werq For Me

B1: Fuk Deeezsko





He’s back! Toronto’s Demuir makes another high-funk flip-back to Robsoul after his massive label debut ‘The
Paris’ in March.
Once again laced with grooves wide and weighty enough to build an estate on. Once again delivered with a
theme that brings the EP together. Once again powered by pure house soul and fun. Let’s get to werq…
‘Disco In 130’ prepares us for take-off. Filtered finesse wrapped around a locomotive jack, it’s Robsoul to its
very core. It’s followed by the even funkier ‘Werq For Me’, a bumping track that tips a heavy nod to Chicago with
its obese kicks, freaky synth line and relentless groove thrust. Finally we hit the freakiest jam of the set ‘Fuk
Deeezsko’. Tongue-in-cheek, needle-in-groove, butts-on-dancefloor… If your floor isn’t one unanimous grin
when you drop this then you’re in the wrong line of werq.
Disco ain’t jack until you cop this new Demuir joint. Robsoul bang on point once again…
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Release Date: June 14th 2019

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