Robsoul 216 – Krewcial – Krew Tape Vol.1


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: About You

A2: Damnfeelit

A3: Davis

B1: Flash

B2: Nighttrain

B3: Perfect





Robsoul continue to bite hard into the summer with a debut from a true OG. Meet Krewcial AKA Pascal Garnier, a Belgian beatmaker with hip-hop roots and boom-bap boots. He has a devil’s touch on the MPC and a nose than can sniff out a sample in a 50 mile radius.
With a discography than includes the likes of BBE, GAMM, PIAS and We Play House, he recently blew Robsoul bossman Phil Weeks’ mind with a whole stack of demos… And this six-track monster is the first fruit of their fresh connection.

All made on the MPC, all bumping with raw grooves and packing some serious samplecraft, Krewcial lays out a generous spread that ranges from total disco euphoria on the opening track ‘About You’ to real pant-swinging bass sleaze on ‘Davis’ bringing us to a near-regal finale on the piano-slapping, front pew cruising preach jam ‘Perfect’. Krewcial by name, crucial by nature; time to join the Krew.

Release Date: July 26th 2019

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