Robsoul 220 – Phil Weeks – The Devil Wears Prada


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: The Devil Wears Prada

B1: To Raise The Devil

B2: Back Back





Groove captain Phil Weeks returns to his trusty Robsoul stern with three slinky midnight funk-ups. Two of which co-sign the naughty fella downstairs. Time to big up Beelzebub, salute to the Satan, Phil’s getting stuck in.
‘The Devil Wears Prada’ struts with all the soul and sass you’d expect from such a title. Hip-swinging, synth-striking, conga-tapping hypnotic fun with an insistent care-free vocal and a heavenly breakdown that comes out of nowhere, it’s the Robsoul bossman in full funk mode. It’s followed by ‘To Raise The Devil’, another low-swinging treat for the feet with a bubbling slap bass and a groove that refuses to quit (like Lucifer himself, right?)
Finally we have to ‘Back Back’. No time for a biggup to the dark lord here; just a stripped-back jam that bumps from here to the high heavens with some superb vocal sample subversion and a strong carnival punch as the track progresses. Bring it back then play again… The devil might wear Prada but we’re wearing nothing but smiles with this release. It’s all in the detail.

Release Date: September 20th 2019

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