Robsoul 230 – Thierry Tomas – Rhythms EP


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Rhythm#1

A2: Rhythm#2

A3: Rhythm#3

B1: Rhythm#4

B2: Rhythm#5

B3: Rhythm#6





Rhythm is rhythm, rhythm is a dancer, rhythm is a mystery… Rhythm is the theme here with Thierry Tomas’s Robsoul debut.
Six tracks deep, each one as soulful, groovy and sexy as the last, the rising Russian producer has built his whole EP around the rhythms that unite us all and break down so many barriers. As always with Robsoul, it’s straight to business as each track cuts to the chase and focuses firmly on the groove.

From the opening jack of the woozy opening track ‘Rhythm #1’ right the way through to the final bass roll and organ blast of ‘Rhythm #6’, Thierry doesn’t just complement the consistent warmth and classic tones and vibe of Phil Weeks label right here… He’s also making a sure-fire statement and strong first impression. Expect plenty more from the man as we continue into the 20s. Trust us, these ‘Rhythms’ are gonna get you…

Release Date: February 21st 2020

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