Robsoul 239 – Suburb Beat – Let’s Groove On


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Let’s Groove On

A2: La Rave De Villemonde

B1: Don’t Push Me

B2: Les Parasites





Let’s Groove On’… A poignant motto at the best of times, but never quite so appropriately uplifting as now. Slowly but surely we return to a different normality. Things remain uncertain but there’s a little light in places.
Dancefloors are beginning to open again, bookings are slowly coming in… And whatever gets in our way over these months, the motto is louder than ever: let’s groove on. And let’s do it with Suburb Beat.
Bordeaux-based, Benjamin Lauron has been specialising in stripped back science on labels such as Ondule of late. But right now he’s back on Phil Weeks’ label with four fine minimal party pieces. All primed for pure mixing pleasure, they’re like Italian dishes… Minimal ingredients for maximum flavour. The title track sets the bar high, reminding us that a sweet swinging, percussive beat and a curmudgeonly bassline are all you need for a
groove. It’s backed by the delightful acid house inspired ‘La Rave De Villemonde’ where another lithe
arrangement is suddenly sandblasted with heavenly organs and a classic rave riff. Meanwhile ‘Don’t Push Me’ counters that with a sultry, jazzy introspective vibe that’s reminiscent of Music For Freaks back in the day.
Last but not least we climax with the undulating filtered sassiness of ‘Les Parasites’. Disco to the core, it’s the most feel-good jam of an ultimately uplifting EP. Let’s groove on, cos it’s time to move on…

 Release Date: July 31st 2020

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