Robsoul 240 – Lebedev (RU) – Magic Night EP


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Magic Night

A2: Keep On

B1: The Sea





Magic nights… We’ve all had them. They’re what we live for in this game. Those nights when everything comes together perfectly; the best people, the best place, the best grooves.
Grooves like Lebedev’s. One of the most prolific house producers operating out of Russia right now, here we find him returning to Robsoul after dropping a whole trove of gems on Rhythm Section and Henry Street and it’s sweet sonic business as usual. Dusty, dusky and laced with unhurried charm, each of these cuts hit with timeless momentum. The title track bumps with a walking bassline and star dust arpeggios, ‘Keep On’ fluttered with filtered finesse while ‘The Sea’ closes on an oceanic disco house chug.
Understated, humble and full of that special something that guarantees what we all live for in this game: Magic nights. Bonsoir.

 Release Date: August 14th 2020

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