Robsoul 242 – Around7 – Keep It Loose


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Keep It Loose

A2: Some String

B1: The Deep Way

B2: Like A Krs





Robsoul welcome a long-time friend and fellow Parisian soul man Around7 for four more slabs of crisp, straight up, no-messing, all-jacking house music.
‘Keep It Loose’ is just as much of a life motto as it is the perfect track title for such a roomy, free-spirited groove. Just a boogie bassline, strutting drums and sudden quirky pauses, the message is clear: nothing good ever comes from tying yourself down or tightening yourself up.
Three more thoroughbred grooves leave the stables in its wake; ‘Some Strings’ is a big old disco sample on some relentless jacking beats, ‘The Deep Way’ takes more of a technoid twist its insistent dark early 90s stabs and bass guitar twangs while ‘Like A Krs’ goes right back to the warehouse with powerfully stripped-back Hardy-style beats and bass work-out, laced with a killer sample that only shows its face when your dancefloor has worked for it.

Keep it loose, keep it sweet, keep it Robsoul.

 Release Date: September 11th 2020

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