Robsoul 247 – Various Artists – Sampler


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Bind Minded – Punk Funk

A2: Federico Baracco – Now I Feel

B: Fairshore – Together





Strutting into the colder months in true style, Robsoul return with another one of their exciting, future-focused ‘Sampler’ editions. Three cuts from three completely different corners of house music’s great spread from three brand new artists to the label; wrap up and tuck in…
After years of killer cuts on the likes of Voltaire, Snatch, Monique and his own co-founded Superfiction, Blind Minded bounces onto the label with 2020 vision and a deep, thick-cut filtered pumper. He’s followed by Clockbeats producer Federico Baracco, another Robsoul freshman armed with well-oiled, straight-up house grooves. Uptempo, relentless and loaded with a wry twist mid-way, it’s the drive we need to get us through the challenging months ahead.
Finally Fairshore adds the closing chapter. Bright, breezy and laced with a certain UKG je ne sais quoi, it comes from a brand new debutant who we hope to hear a lot more of in the future. Another serious ‘Sampler’ session, Robsoul keep delivering the goods

 Release Date: November 20th 2020

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