Robsoul 276 – Lebedev – Lullaby


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A: Back to 1992

B1: In Practice

B2: Lullaby





Previously on Robsoul… Young Russian romantic Lebedev has taken us dancing under the moon, he’s given us magic nights and serenaded us with light rhythms. Now time to give us all what we truly need: A soft, soothing, night time story. Get into the mood with ‘Lullaby’.
His third EP so far for Phil Weeks imprint, first Lebedev sets the scene with a once-upon-a-time situation as ‘Back To 1992’ (the year he was born) dims the lights with its silky groove and smoky horn-blazing funk. Deeper into the disc we dive for ‘In Practice’. A chunky-assed boompty flavour with a provocative spoken word about the struggles that’s just as resonant and relevant today.
Finally we hit the sweet talking title track. A filtered tale of soul and finesse with a swooning vocal sample that will have you weak at the knees; the name says ‘Lullaby’ but the message is always love. Bon soir.

Release Date: March 11th 2022

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