Robsoul 295 – Richard Les Crees – These Happy Feelings


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Even If I Could

A2: These Happy Feelings

B1: La Kossa

B2: What We ‘Bout To Do





Spreading nothing but positive vibes… Robsoul sign out of 2022 and commence 2023 with the best possible intention: ‘These Happy Feelings’, an EP that truly embodies its title in every possible way.
It comes courtesy of a true New Jersey pioneer Richard Les Crees, a talent who came through on that phenomenal 80s wave as a DJ and translated that unique energy into productions under the name of Filthy Rich throughout the 90s on labels such as Distance.
These productions had a direct influence on the Robsoul boss Phil Weeks himself so this release is a poignant moment as Richard completes the circle and makes his label debut. Digging deep into the most soulful and uplifting corners of his palette, it’s a resounding EP that belies the frosty winter temperatures. From the big vocal harmonies of the title track to the much heavier, jacking funk of the finale jam ‘What We ‘Bout To Do’, this covers the full range and reminds us that the best pioneers will always look to bring a different perspective and technique. Stunning from edge to edge. Stay happy.

Release Date: January 13th 2023

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