Robsoul CD 17 – Phil Weeks Presents Crate Diggin’ Vol.2

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Tracks :crate diggin'.vol2

1-2nd Shift Feat. Anthony Pearson – It’s Been A Long Time
2-Brett Johnson – You+Me=We
3-DJ Rasoul – Bluenote
4-DJ Sneak – Latin Seoul
5-Inland Knights – Boy
6-Lance De Sardi – I’ve Been There (Chicago)
7-Lawnchair Generals – Speechless
8-Method Men – Disko Biscuit
9-Miguel Migs- Soul Patrol (Migs Transporters Vibe)
10-Rick Wade – I Do Believe



Phil Weeks’ ‘Crate Diggin’ project has been bubbling under for some time while the French DJ/Producer carefully selected 30 of the tracks which have been most influential to him over the past 15-20 years. Indeed many of the tracks – from artists including DJ Rasoul, DJ Sneak, Brett Johnson, Inland Knights, Rick Wade, Mood II Swing and LawnChair Generals – still feature as heavily in Phil’s DJ sets today as they did when originally released. Released over three unmixed digital volumes and three vinyl samplers, ‘Crate Diggin’ is a window into the musical DNA of one of the most respected and prolific underground house artists of this century. As well as being a highly personal project to Phil, it offers a rare chance to finally pick up hard-to-find and sought after gems that were only previously released on vinyl.
Release dates:
Crate Diggin Volume 1: July 26th
Crate Diggin Volume 2: August 9th
Crate Diggin Volume 3: August 23rd
Catalog Number: robsoulcd17

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