Robsoul LP05 – Phil Weeks – Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy LP


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Phil Weeks Pimpin Aint Easy cover -

Listen to the tracks :

A1: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

A2: We Need House (Feat. Mike Dunn)

B1: Live At Palladium

 B2: My Music

 C1: Funky Music (With Peven Everett)

C2: Road To Nowhere

D1: The Easy Way

D2: A Man Needs A Woman

E1: Tension

E2: Player’s Ball

F1: Love 2 Love

F2: Be My Star

F3: Pimp Weeks





After a 15+ year strong career deep in the funkiest and sleaziest house-music underground, Frenchman PHIL WEEKS is back with a hot new album balancing between tracky and more song-based, catchy tunes. US house legends Peven Everett and Mike Dunn are on board for an irresistibly pimpin’ house adventure on Phil’s established label, Robsoul Recordings.

Release Date: October 2015

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