Robsoul 161 – Around7 – Up Is The Only Way


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Up Is The Only Way

A2: It Popped Into My Head

B1: MPC Ain’t Playin’

B2: Raw Is The Fight





2014’s ‘Final Cuts’ album and a brace of strong 2015 Ep’s have seen Around7 become a key member of the Robsoul family. His energetic and unique productions take influence from his love of jazz, hip-hop and soul, while the Frenchman’s use of samples is a joy to behold.
Up Is The Only Way, his latest Robsoul offering, sees Around7 initially leave the smooth and sweet to one side as he opens with the raw machine beats of the title track. Chopped and filtered it lays a killer groove that leads us perfectly into ‘It Popped Into My Head’. Warming the harsh opening beats with its fuzzy bassline, the track ups the ante with its skipping hats and quickening tempo.
Now we’ve worked up a sweat, down we go, getting our groove on with the funky drummer of ‘MPC Ain’t Playing’. Around7 then shuts things down in style. Like a true grandmaster, with the pulsing funk of ‘Raw Is The Fight’. Pay your toll and sell your soul, because up is the only way to go.

Release Date: April 2016

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