RBJ1601 – Chris Carrier – Green Age (Robsoul Jazz)


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Green Age

A2: Peace Market

A3: Six Flags

A4: Submerged Nation

B1: One Foot On Earth

B2: Solar Tower

B3: Invasive Ripple

Bonus Digi 1: Hyperloop
Bonus Digi 2: Algae Hope






From the musically perpetual mind of our brother Chris, comes a new creative foray into the farther realms of house. Keeping us forever on our toes, in more ways than one, Carrier has become the artist most synonymous – other than label boss Phil Weeks – with Robsoul Recordings and its offshoot imprints. His floor-friendly and essential tracks have become staples for the most discerning DJs and yet he’s always on hand and ready to surprise with a magical curveball.
GREEN AGE is the latest musical maneuvre. A nine track collection that sees Carrier dive head first into a sea of hip-hop, funk and jazz to create a stunning array of slinky slo-mo jams, broken bumpers and mid-tempo treats.
Our 5 tracks DJ Sampler is a glorious celebration. With a sample selection thats, as always, second to none, Carrier entertains us with the dusty shuffle of SIX FLAGS, the big bottom end and diamond drops of piano on SUBMERGED NATION and the brushed snares of ONE FOOT ON EARTH.
We’re then treated to the feel-good finalé of string laden, scratch-happy SOLAR TOWER and the digital exclusive disco-down of HYPERLOOP.

Release Date: April 29th 2016

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