Robsoul 171 – DJ Q – Feelin’ Moody


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A1: Feelin’ Moody


B1: Inner Groove





Paul Flynn, aka DJ Q, is a producer held in lofty regard by his peers. A true ground-breaker, Q’s releases from
late 1990’s were essentials for many and saw the raw, chopped and sampled sounds of Chicago being
presented through the eyes and ears of the Glaswegian.
NRK, Glasgow Underground and Doubledown have all been graced by the music of Q. But it’s his early work on
the London based Filter imprint that not only established the young Scottish producer in, what is regarded by
many, as the most exciting, involving and evolving period of clubland, but has also seen him, even in selfimposed
retirement, still feature in the record boxes and ‘go to’ lists of today’s finest DJ talent.
In the summer of last year his fellow countrymen and Soma bosses SLAM selected his ‘Going Forward In
Reverse’ as one of their ‘Favourite Homegrown Electronica Jams’ and Neville Watson plumped for ‘My Kinda
House’ when choosing his favourite ‘Glasgow Anthems’ for the Sub Club, admitting that it was tough to choose
– “I could do a whole list and more of DJ Q records. So many killer records.”
In amongst those Filter releases was ‘Landing On A Planet Near You’, DJ Q’s 1997 12” on Go! Beat. A three track
EP lead by the ruff, ready and funky sounds of ‘Feelin’ Moody’, which is in fact anything but. The track has been remastered and readied for a re-release on Robsoul and, not only that, but label boss Phil Weeks has
persuaded Mr. Flynn, in collaboration with Andy Jackson, to dust off his studio set up and deliver something
fresh, in the form of ‘Inner Groove’.

Release Date: December 2016

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