Robsoul 190 – Ray-D – Bounce To The Beat


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Bounce To The Beat

A2: Callejero

B1: Don’t Know What To Say

B2: Out At The Disco





San Jose groove sculptor Ray-D makes a long-overdue debut on Phil Weeks’ Robsoul with four stunning cuts all firmly focussed on the warmer months ahead.
‘Bounce To The Beat’ isn’t a suggestion… With its loosely swung jacks, bubbling bass and warm chords breathing deep into the mix, it’s an order. Elsewhere ‘Callejero’ adds a little Latin magic to a chunky drum set as trilling flute accents and rippling percussion add a dusty dreamy touch to the mix while ‘Don’t Know What To Say’ smoothly moves us into filtered disco house pastures with a killer sample that unfolds magically as the groove progresses.
Finally ‘Out At The Disco’ provides the final sweet slice of the night with slow-and-low kicks, a lavish filtered bassline and a cheeky vocal lick you’ll be singing for weeks after. Get bouncing…

Release Date: April 2018

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