Robsoul 222 – Robb Swinga – Molly’s Ride


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A1: Don’t Stop Rockin’

B1: Oh My God

B1: Molly’s Ride





Fresh from touching us up on Henry Street, rising NYC artist Roberto Benitez makes his debut on Robsoul with a serious salute to the ravers: “Molly’s Ride”

Bonafide Swinga pingers: set those hips to cruise control and get wriggling like you had Molly for breakfast, lunch and dinner as Robb lays down groove gold. “Don’t Stop Rockin’” sets the pace with a bassline that rolls from here to forever. Heads-down, eyes-shut, this is the come-up.

“Oh My God” is all-out peaking business. Hug your mates, hug strangers, hell – with a vibe as juicy and disco-licked as this you’ll even be hugging the security. Finally “Molly’s Ride” brings us back down to reality softly with a killer sample, big horns and a soulful touch that will have you running round the back of the queue and raring to do it all over again. Swing when you’re winning.


Release Date: October 18th 2019

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