Robsoul 231 – Lekind feat. Fatalgerian – Test Micro


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Test Micro (French Shit Vocal)

A2: Test Micro (Lekind Fake Re-Rub Mix)

B1: 2Gether

B2: Kom Ner





Hot on the heels of their debut with Russian talent Thierry Tomas, Robsoul continue chomping into the new decade with another new-gen odyssey. Make way for Lekind…
Having made his debut last year with ‘Influences’, here he follows it up with another timely reminder that house music is in the safest of hands: Lekind is a devout hardware head, he’s a sample-fiend and he can meltdown an MPC quicker than you can say Akai. At the age of 20, he’s already making timeless house grooves with authority.
Grooves like these… ‘Test Micro’ comes in two forms: the pumping original, complete with its strutted-up walking bassline, and the tougher, stripped-back busted-beat remix from Lekind himself. Both paying homage to house music’s spiritual motherland, both featuring the smoky spoken purrs of Fatalgerian, both kill it.  Elsewhere ‘2Getha’, fixes our focus plainly on the groove with relentless rolling drums and a teasing bass guitar lick while ‘Kom Ner’ closes the EP on the most upbeat tip. Shiny organ rolls and snappy percussion driving the momentum to the very last bump, Lekind ain’t messing around here. Neither should you be.


Release Date: March 6th 2020

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