Robsoul 245 – Rufus Gibson – Grant ST Shuffle EP


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Down In The Point

A2: Grant ST Shuffle

B1: U Know I Got Dat

B2: The Sunday Kickback





Buffalo boomerang Rufus Gibson strikes again! Fresh from a string of chop-wobbling beats last year on MoodyHouse, the east coast solider makes his debut on Robsoul with three more powerhouse pieces. Armed with his trademark sledgehammer kicks, each groove hits with serious weight as we glide through the groove spectrum. ‘Down In The Point’ sets the scene; a rolling, percussive slab of timeless disco that drives upwards and upwards towards a beautiful funk plateau while ‘Grant St Shuffle’ pays homage to the melting pot where Rufus honed his sound.
Deeper into the blend ‘I Got Dat’ brings the filtered finesse as the bulldozing drums are coated in deliciously soulful instrumentation and a super seductive sample. Finally ‘The Sunday Kickback’ seals the deal and closes the show with unhurried but rising chords and a universal hook that blossoms on the breakdown to euphoric effect. Full flavour feels through and through; something tells us Rufus will be back on Robsoul again the future…

 Release Date: October 23th 2020

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