Robsoul 249 – Jazzman Wax & Fred Dekker – Bad Robot


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A: Bad Robot

B: USB Girl





There are two types of robots in this world. Good robots (samplers, robotic vacuum cleaners, adult toys) and there are bad robots… Cantankerous, untameable machines with minds, spirits and grooves of their own. Machines like ‘Bad Robot’.
The latest co-lab between old Robsoul friend Jazzman Wax and label newcomer Fred Dekker, ‘Bad Robot’ follows their Simma Black smash ‘Every Saturday’ with another quirky, left-sided groove. Bumpier than a cobblestone freeway and laced in all kinds of electronic charm, this is the soundtrack to the most mischievous automatons this side of the river Nile. ‘USB Girl’ is equally as disarming and charming; a filtered juggernaut that writhes round in sweet disco circles, we don’t know who the mystery girl is, or what’s on the USB, but man we’re happy for her company. Not all heroes wear capes, not all robots are good… Stay connected.

 Release Date: December 11th 2020

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