Robsoul 250 – Dan Corco – Spring Tales EP


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Let’s Jamming Right

A2: Spring Tales

B1: Temptation

B2: The Way That I Feel





Pop your corks, it’s play time… Dan Corco is back on Robsoul.
Having kicked off 2020 on the French label with his Dance Therapy EP, the Toulouse man returns to kick off a new year with Phil Weeks once more. Four tracks in total, each one writhing in a different corner of the dance; ‘Spring Tales’ is an upbeat powerhouse laced with all the sunny sounds you need for a much more hopeful 2021. It’s backed by some salubrious hip-wrigglers; the well-oiled slap bass and hearty chug of ‘Temptation’, the stunning disco thrills and spills of ‘Let’s Jamming Right’ and the juicy boogie finale ‘The Way That I Feel’.
Four cuts, four vibes, four more examples of Dan Corco’s prowess. Let’s spring into action…

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 Release Date: January 15th 2021

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