Robsoul 292 – REda daRE – Baby Boy EP


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Deesko

A2: Wayfarer

B1: One

B2: Baby Boy





REda daRE returns to the Robsoul family right about now with this absolute four-track treasure: ‘Baby Boy’.
Timeless, party-focused and bubbling over the brim with familiar samples and flavours, ‘Baby Boy’ is a delightfully vibesome four-piece designed for those long nights on intimate dancefloors. Rife in references, the Signatune bossman plays to the faithful with a series of knowing nods and winks…. ‘Deesko’ will have you rocking, ‘Wayfarer’ will have you strutting all the way back to the 70s while ‘One’ takes two to tango… In the smoothiest way possible.
He saves the title track for the grand, boompty finale. Big bottomed kicks and bass, wrapped up tightly in the recognisable sample that’s flipped in such a creative way, ‘Baby Boy’ will have you bumping across the floor in seconds.

Proper winter tackle with no airs or pretence, REda daRE and Robsoul remain a winning combination.

Release Date: November 4th 2022


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