Robsoul 315 – Dan Corco & Punky Wash – Jazzy Template


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Jazzy Template

A2: Hear That Sand

B1: Give It A Twist

B2: Time To Boogie





Following his excellent collaboration with Charlie Sputnik on 2022’s ‘She’s Got Love,’ Dan Corco returns to Robsoul, this time teaming up with Carcasonne native Punk Wash to deliver the irresistibly rhythmic ‘Jazzy Template’ EP.
A firm favorite with the Robsoul fanbase, Toulouse-based Corco again demonstrates his prowess in the art of sample-sourcing. Teaming up with Punk Wash, the dynamic French duo craft four funk-laden tracks that are nothing short of essential.
The EP kicks off ‘Jazzy Template’, a composition true to its name, the track weaves gorgeous piano melodies with devilish drums and whispered vocals. ‘Hear That Sand’ follows suit, evoking memories of perfect summer days with its sweet guitar licks and toasty bassline.
‘Give It A Twist’, with its bumping bassline, killer key changes, and acid jazz touches, showcases the duo’s ability to blend genres, before they round out the EP with the aptly titled ‘Time To Boogie.’

Release Date: December 1st 2023

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