Robsoul 321 – Animist – Rain On


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Animist & ARK-S – Rain On

A2: Smirnoff


B1: Animist & Poach – Why Can’t We


B2: Lil Bit




“Rain On” EP is dropping hot from Animist, ARK-S, and Poach, all cooked up by the cool cats over at Robsoul Recordings. This four-track banger mixes soulful vibes with catchy beats, showing off how this trio can really stir things up in the house music game.
First up, “Rain On” with ARK-S hits you with those deep house sounds, layered with sound effects that feel like you’re chilling in the city during a downpour. It’s got that garage bass and those beats that keep you moving, refreshing your vibe with every note.
Then, “Smirnoff” comes through with those sharp beats and a warm bass that feels like a smooth shot in the music form. It’s got that pulse that grabs you, pulling you into the night.
“Why Can’t We,” featuring Poach, mixes up those sad chords with hopeful tunes, creating a story about wanting more and missing what’s gone. It’s got changes in tempo and vocal bits that make the whole track feel like a deep convo with the music.
Finishing off, “Lil Bit” plays with fun rhythms and clever sampling to create a track that’s all about joy and escapism. The off-beat patterns and lively life snippets encourage you to let go and enjoy the dance floor’s lighter side, ending the EP on a high note of pure fun.

Aminist :
Poach :

Release Date: March 22nd 2024

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