Robsoul 323 – AtLows – Dat Simple Groove


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Baby Gets It Together

A2: Dat Simple Groove

B1: Guldens People

B2: I DOnt





In a dark, cramped studio somewhere in Australia, AtLows is at it again. Following the success of his “Disco FUnk,” he’s back on Robsoul with “Dat Simple Groove.”
“Dat Simple Groove” sees AtLows excelling in his domain, skillfully combining the rhythmic pulse of jackin’ house with the classic elements of early 2000s house music. This track vibrates with deep bass and sharp, energetic beats, charging the air with an electrifying pulse.
Next up, “Guldens People” showcases AtLows as the alchemist of sound, merging the deep soul of funk with the lively spark of electronica. This potent mix turns any environment into a dynamic dance hub, buzzing with energy.
Wrapping up the EP, “I Don’t” is where AtLows perfects his musical concoction. It encapsulates the essence of jackin’ house with innovative twists, offering a sound that’s both fresh and compelling, keeping the vibe alive and kicking.
This collection from AtLows not only honors the spirit of House Music but also revitalizes it with his unique, modern touch.

Release Date: April 19th 2024

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