Robsoul 325 – Javi Bora – Camel Race


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Get Up

A2: Camel Race

B1: Let’s Move

B2: Yes To All





Javi Bora, a standout DJ and producer from Ibiza, is back on Robsoul Recordings with his seventh EP, “Camel Race.” Renowned for his spirited house tracks, Bora has a robust presence on the label and a history of electrifying performances across the globe. This latest EP includes four DJ Tools, each designed specifically to rock the club with the energetic pulse of Ibiza’s famous nightlife.
“Camel Race” is a testament to Bora’s skill in crafting dance floor hits that combine soulful rhythms with powerful beats, perfect for DJs looking to inject some high-energy vibes into their sets. With this release, Bora continues to cement his reputation as a key player in the house music scene.

Release Date: May 17th 2024

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