Robsoul CD32 – Robsoul Edits by Joss Moog


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The art of the edit is a much argued topic. The skill goes far beyond, as Mark E recently stated “just adding
beats at either end of the track”. Some, like E, have become synonymous for their enviable edit talents; Wilson,
Harvey, Terje, Beedle are all at the top of their game when it comes to the delicate and ultimately respectful
touch. Whether its reworking for the dancefloor, tweaking for your tastebuds or looking to inject a new
freshness to the funk, the best edits are never forgotten.
Phil Weeks’ Robsoul Essentials offshoot has launched its Robsoul Edits series which sees friends and family
selecting tracks from the catalogue and setting to work on creating their very own collection of personal edits.
Having already been treated to the touches of Around7, Sebo K, Chris Carrier and D’Julz, now its time for long
time label affiliate Joss Moog to take the reins.
Tracks from DJ W!ld, Around 7, Prztz, The Sexicanz and DJ Sneak & Phil Weeks all receive a fresh face from Joss
and combine to make another incredible collection of House essentials.
With our next album already in the works, the Robsoul Edits series is without doubt one of the label’s finest.
Credit to the Edit!

Release Date: June 3rd 2016

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