Robsoul 217 – Arturo Garces – Beats From The Street Vol.5


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: The Rain

A2: Inserare

A3: Be Someone

B1: Free

B2: You Aint Talkin’





Every hot summer needs a good dose of ‘Rain’. Something to refresh us, clean the air and wipe the slate clean. Or in the case of long-time Robsoul compadre Arturo Garces; something to slap rainbows out the dance when they least expect it. Pow!
Jacking, sun-kissed but so breezy and fun, ‘Rain’ is a perfect example of Arturo’s sharp samplecraft and Phil Weeks’ ear for a perfect jacking gem. Drop this and watch the mood life like a shower on a muggy day; nothing gives life to a dance like a devilish sample.
Beyond the ‘Rain’ comes every type of temperament; the woozy, unhurried Q&A of ‘Inserare’, the sexy sunset slinking ‘Be Someone’, the cloud-bouncing jazzy daydream ‘Free’ and the grand finale that is the thunderous ‘You Ain’t Talking’. Heavy in filtered funk, tense in its weight and stripped back elements; once again we find ourselves spellbound by Arturo’s less-is-more samplecraft command right until that final warped guitar wash. You ain’t talking, you’re screaming. Screaming for more….

Release Date: August 9th 2019

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