Robsoul 229 – Joss Moog – Raw Funk Files


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Listen to the tracks :

A1: Turn The Music On

A2: They Took The Funk

B1: So Good So Fresh





‘Turn The Music On’… Joss Moog comes bumping into a new year on Robsoul with a message that isn’t so much of a suggestion, or even an order, it’s a way of life. A mantra we should all live by.
And what a way to live… The moment those funk breaks ignite the lead track, we’re fully switched on and waiting for every jacking, twist and turn Moog takes us on as ‘Turn The Music On’ gets warmer with every bass roll and warm, jazzy key flourish.
We remain switched on for the rest of the EP: ‘They Took The Funk’ sees the Ondule co-boss stripping things right back to the bare bassline groove essence before ‘So Good So Fresh’ ends with another essential life mantra. A little more upbeat and forthright with more of a punch than a jack, the vocal elements take on a rhythmic quality as they help drive us into a funk section and deep chord-washed pay off that both come out of nowhere…

Turn it on, keep it on; with Joss Moog and Robsoul, it’s impossible to switch off.

Release Date: February 7th 2020

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