Robsoul 306 – The Mekanism feat. Mr. V – This Is My Day


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A: This Is My Day

B1: This Is My Day (Dub)

B2: This Is My Day (Acapella)





The Mekanism is back with more of his forward thinking and super fresh house music, this time on legendary French label Robsoul Recordings and featuring the one and only Mr V.
Releasing on labels such as Moan Recordings, hedZup Records and Whippin’ Records, The Mekanism is a high class studio talent with a great understanding of the roots of house and plenty of his own innovative ideas. He combines those to great effect once more here.
This Is My Day is timeless house music with an irresistibly slinky groove. The perfect hi hats and catchy drums are overlaid with Mr V’s vocal musings which draw you in deep and add plenty of genuine soul. The chord vamps keep on heating the beats and subtle filters keep things dynamic. This is textbook French house music that also comes as a dub and acapella.
The Mekanism proves why he is one of the new school house tastemakers with this latest standout offering.

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Release Date: June 30th 2023

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