Robsoul 317 – Demuir – Funk’n Therapy


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A1: Therapy PT 1 (The Dick U Need)

A2: I Got A Gig


B1: The Book of Crystal (Beat 8)


B2: I Got A Gig (Juzz Beatz)




Toronto-based house maestro Demuir is back with a bang, delivering his latest sonic selection, the ‘Funk’n Therapy’ EP, on Robsoul. This new four-track salvo from the label regular, once again effortlessly merges house, funk, and undeniable groove.
Dr. Demuir dons his white coat and is ready to administer a potent dose of dancefloor therapy, with each track serving as a musical prescription, imparting a wealth of observations and wisdom to elevate your dancefloor experience.
‘Therapy Pt. 1 (The Dick You Need)’ kicks off the EP with jackin’ beats, shuffling rhythms, and infectious keys, creating a jazzy vibe with a solid thrust that promises to move the masses.
‘I Got A Gig’ follows suit, featuring bass-heavy funk and snapping snares that compel you to strut to its rhythm.
‘The Book Of Crystal (Beat 8)’ unfolds as a funk-fueled sermon, delivering guitar-licked goodness that captivates the senses and ensures a soulful connection on the floor.
Closing out the EP, ‘I Got A Gig (Juzz Beats)’ takes a stripped-back approach to the original. Slimming it down to juzz the beats.
Dr. Demuir is in session, ready to prescribe the funk you crave.

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Release Date: January 12th 2024

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