Robsoul SP08 – Vibezelect – Do What You Know


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A: Do What You Know

B1: Do What You Know (Cdubs Jupiter Dub)

B2: Do What You Know (Cdubs Remix)




Vibezelect aka Cory Wells & Jah Ques
Old classic from the early 2000’s finally on Digital
Included fresh 2024 Remix by Cory Wells

Originally unleashed in 2004 on Amenti, Vibezelect’s timeless ‘Do What You Know’ caught the ear of Robsoul head honcho, Phil Weeks, solidifying its status as an essential groove. Now, Robsoul Recordings unveils a revamped edition of the track, featuring a meticulously remastered original and a fresh Dub from one of the original producers, Cory Wells.
The soulful essence of the original remains intact, characterized by its velvety smooth groove, live bass, and captivating guitar melody that has set dancefloors ablaze from sandy beaches to pulsating clubs. Now, with a fresh coat of sonic polish, ‘Do What You Know’ is ready to reignite dancefloors once more.
Accompanying the remastered original is the Jupiter Dub, a mesmerizing rendition that gracefully glides along, tantalizing the senses. Adding to the excitement is the brand new Cdubs Remix, injecting a late-night punch while preserving the soul of the original. With a relentless momentum that keeps the funk flowing, this remix is poised to captivate a whole new audience.

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Release Date: January 26th 2024

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