Robsoul 318 – Ray-D – Body Rock


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A1: Body Rock

A2: Let It Flow

B1: Lovin’ Every Where

B2: That’s How It Goes





California native Ray-D returns to Robsoul with a fresh assortment of soulful, jazzy, disco-deep treats. A familiar face on the Robsoul Jazz roster, Ray-D has consistently cultivated the funk and showcased his expertise with samples. Following his acclaimed 2019 album ‘Under The City’, Ray-D once again takes center stage with his signature sound.
Four prime cuts that exude his hip-hop roots. None more so than the low-riding title track, Body Rock. The tempo picks up with ‘Let It Flow’, boasting a nostalgic 90s R&B vibe that is impossible to resist. ‘Lovin’ Every Where’ keeps the funk alive with its infectious rhythm, while the final jam, ‘That’s How It Goes’, smoothes out the edges with its warm basslines, handclaps, and soulful keys, culminating in a must-have addition to the Ray-D x Robsoul catalogue.
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Release Date: February 9th 2024

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